Repairing the Generator

The generator went out again and this time the mechanic was to busy to come over. So Chuck and I took on the task of playing super mechanics. Well, I was just the boy wonder and anyone who knows me knows I know very little about most things concerned with engines. So Chuck was the cape crusader. We did find a small pin whole in one of the water lines to the radiator and figured that was the reason for the over heating and causing the generator to go into automatic shut-off mode. So we wrestled the radiator out of the housing, pulled the hoses off and went in search of new hoses. We bought new hoses at the tune of $175.00, ouch!

We also took the radiator over to pressure washer dude that was set up by one of the tarp cities to have it cleaned. We returned back to the guest house and reinstalled all parts and pieces. One good thing was we did not have any parts left over so I guess we got back to the way it was. We cranked that baby up and so far all is well. I guess I was like when Paul said “I became all things to all people”, ha-ha, do not ever let me touch your engine.

That took most of our day and I know Dottie is truly grateful as well as the other guests. Harry came by tonight with another guy and we made a plan for tomorrow. We also had the opportunity to help a guy named Eddy who lost his home and all belongings. This guy has helped Chuck with a lot of in-country legal stuff. Good to give back. Praise God for whom all blessings flow, he provided another great day in a land of mass confusion.