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Give Me Shelter Ministries sponsors the Evangelical Baptist School of Trinity in Croix De Bouquets, Haiti. This is a primary school for approximately 100 children. Your tax deductible donation of only $30 per month will provide education and HOPE for these children. Continue reading “Sponsor A Child”

Haiti, August 11, 2012

Today I leave the country and people I love to go back to a country and people I love. I will be back within the next two months, as there is much work to be done. The workers are few, so Harry and I will carry on at the nudging of the Holy Spirit. I leave the man and family whom I love so dearly and am already looking forward to my return. I am also looking forward to seeing my family whom I also love so dearly. God is good in spite of me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Haiti, August 10, 2012

What a blessing it is to almost have a moment of leisure. These guys are getting their money’s worth out of me haha. They have kept me busy and people who know me know that I always stay busy. So the double duty has been a challenge but also a blessing, so GMSM is excited to serve.

There is a Haitian proverb that says “we are still in school.”  I hope and pray that I never stop learning. This whole week has been a great iron-sharpens-iron time, especially for me.

We really had no agenda today other than getting back to PAP. We relaxed for a while and headed out for the 2 hour beauty ride around 1:30. We were able to get Mario Andrette for the driver and he got us back quicker than normal. That may or may not have been a good thing… it depends on who you ask.  Anyway sometimes your choice of a driver is the luck of the draw, we are still in school.

Much to the team’s exhaustion we made it back and I must admit, as I was catching my second wind  they were whipped pups. This country takes a lot out of you. It is even tough on the veteran folks. ‘

Great day and good to be back at Sems guest house. Tomorrow we head to the house. It’s been an awesome trip and I pray this team will want to share our vision for the children of Haiti and come along beside us. But as my dear friend Harry says, God knows. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Haiti, August 8, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We were up early to catch the bus out of town and over the mountains to Jacmel. The drive is breathtaking once you get out of the craziness of Porttail Leogane and Carrefour. It takes about 2 hours to get to Jacmel and it gives one the opportunity to see the natural beauty of this country. For years people would tell me how horrible this country is but they could never see past their noses. Yeah, this place has it’s pit falls but so does everywhere else. This world likes to use Haiti as the perpetual whipping post.

I love introducing people to this part of the island and we are so glad God opened a door for us here. The team was totally stoked with the beauty of the ride and when we reached the coast they were like OMGosh. Haiti has many faces, and true they are not all good to look at, but this one is.

We got to our hotel and Pastor Harry really outdid himself this time. He got us a killer rate smack dab on the beach and very close to our ministry opportunities. We got settled in and headed out to the village of Demontrel. Once there we had about 70 kids and a handful of adults waiting on us. The team had organized many games for the children that supported the walls of Jericho story in the Bible. It was a fun and great afternoon of worship and fellowship with the kids. We finished the day with a good grind session (supper) at one of Harry’s and my favorite cheap restaurants. Then we headed back for the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Kenny, GMSM

Haiti, August 7, 2012

After a good night’s sleep we headed back out to the church/ school to continue work on the shower and finish with the church leadership mini conference. We had a few new faces and a few people who could not attend the second session. The church conference was an absolute blessing to all. Harry has a fairly young church and most are so hungry for the word and so eager to serve. We all learned a lot from each other. Continue reading “Haiti, August 7, 2012”

Haiti, August 6, 2012

After such a great Sunday with Harry’s family and church, I was not sure if today could come close to the awesomeness of yesterday. I was totally wrong. Today was another special day in Haiti. It all starts with the heart and the selfless acts of grace and mercy. Yeah, the kind that Christ showed us while hanging on the cross. That heart beat comes from a holy spirit-lead team which is exactly what God has given us.

Today’s agenda was to help begin construction on the shower and do a mini conference on the roles of the pastor and church. When we arrived at the church Jeanette was there. What a wonderfully cool lady she is. I have known her since I’ve been coming to Haiti and she will help with the team. She is a gentle spirit and a very giving person. She hit off perfectly with the team, as I knew she would, but especially with Holly.

To my surprise, Junice, our 3rd grade teacher, was there and he ended up working all day long. He busted his butt with the shower crew. Debbie, Kevin and I met with the church workers about the biblical model of the church and pastor. Most of these folks were in their late teens or twenties. As we began teaching I realized maybe they should be teaching us. They were so kmowlegable and receptive to God’s word and seemed to cling to every word we said. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed that kind of hunger. We were all feasting on God’s word. Totally amazing how the holy spirit works in a way that is pleasing and understandable even through a language barrier.

The work was started on the shower, and as with most Haitian projects, it was like, well let’s just say slow. Which is cool in a way because it forces you to be patient and open your eyes more. After carrying many blocks, mud and sand the team pulled together and started some yard work around the school and church. It was totally beautiful to see all just jump in without hesitation.  Harry was so excited which made me very excited. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


Haiti, August 5, 2012

GMSM / Passion Missions Haiti Mission Trip 8/5/12
Guest blogger

An atypical Sunday.

I rose at 6:30 and covered my every inch in bug repellant. My first sunrise in Port Au Prince. Breakfast began lazily at 7:00: pineapple, watermelon, eggs, and coffee as dark and thick as molasses.

A bumpy ride in a colorful tap-tap took us to Pastor Harry’s church. A cool morning. An overcast sky. Random drops of rain quieted the dust.

We were welcomed to a pew in the front, a seat of honor. All of the men, young men, and even little boys were dressed in suits and ties. The women adorned their heads with lace.

An atypical Sunday.

The pastor’s voice reverberated off cement walls and metal roof. Flower garland hung from wooden ceiling beams. The sky opened and thunder claps joined in praise. Pastor Harry’s right hand man walked to the pulpit and addressed the congregation,

“What are you doing with the time God has given you?”

Bibles were opened, pages thumbed through. Prayers were lifted with heads quietly bowed. A visiting church group of teenage boys performed a song of praise and dance with an accordion as their backbeat.

I broke bread with brothers and sisters I’d never seen before. Our hearts knit. I shook hands with Haitian warriors of the Lord. I understood few words, but the Spirit spoke clearly.

Thank You Jesus for atypical Sundays.


John 10:10