A Very Busy Day in Haiti

Today was one of those days that you can only get in Haiti. Last night Dottie’s generator started acting up and when and if that happens it really does affect a whole lot. So this morning started with Curt Golden (a mechanic missionary from West Virginia) coming over to pull some maintenance on it. This dude is really a killer mechanic and really knows his stuff. He was able to get it going again and all was well for a short time until it started to act up again.

In the mean time Chuck, Dale and I went to Kings Hospital in hopes of making a contact with a man named Franchesca. He is the guy that kinda heads up the distribution of food with different NGO’s. We thought that this may be an in road to getting some good help to the tarp people. As we sat in this office talking to another guy we realized that this may be one of those things that could be a long shot. Seems that there is a lot of dot connecting that has to take place and even then the hoops become more numerous. We just said hey we got a truck and we are willing to help you move some food around. They said they would get back to us but we never heard anything.

So in the mean time we got the truck and headed out to Love a Child and got 150 boxes of food from Feed My Starving Children for distribution. That is 32,400 meals. We plan to add some beans with it and get in the hands of the people.

Maybe I just do not see the whole picture on how the man works but it just seems that in situations like this you can throw the whole relief manual out the window and start doing what God will allow you to do. I know you have to be careful and good stewards with Gods resources, but to drag it out with road blocks is just plain wrong.

We do not have a perfect plan. What we do have is a guy with 10 years experience in Haiti and a guy with 4 years experience in Haiti and local friends with valuable information on how best to reach the people. So tomorrow we will hit the ground running with supplies in hand and Gods wisdom and guidance. The generator is still acting up, but hey, it’s Haiti.