The Sweetness of God’s Creation

From Haiti, January 29, 2010

The day started way too early. I went with Chuck to the airport to take a group of doctors to hop on a MAF (mission aviation fellowship) flight. That seems to be the only thing flying out right now. It is a first-come, first- served type of a gig and you just have to fly to wherever they are going. From there you are on your own.

I heard that they ended up in Chicago. That would suck if you live in FWB, FL. Oh well they are at least back in the states. Anyway 4:30 is a little early.

When we got back we started preparing for a day of buying food supplies and going up to the village of Z’Orange. I have many friends there and was looking forward to seeing them. I drove the beast while Chuck drove the van. We split up and Harry, Dale and I and a friend of Harry’s took off to Tetayen to buy the goods for the village.

Chuck’s chauffer service went to pick up another group from Dallas at a mission and delivered them to the airport. The market did not have all the stuff so we took off to a little town called Cabaret. I have never been there so I was up for the adventure. We gathered all our chum and headed up the mountain. I was glad Dale was able to check out the country side of life. I love it up there. It is a different feeling altogether.

I spoke with pastor Dorleon and we talked about the passing of Pastor Fani. I did not see Madam Fani, but understand she is struggling. Chuck made it up and saw all the work we had done. We found out that there is a lot of need up there. More than usual which can be expected with all the stuff that has happened. The thing that is hurting the provinces is that all the city folks are headed to the country. That puts a strain on an already hurting area. We will return on Sunday to catch church and a good grind. Cannot wait.

After we left the country we came back to the craziness of the city. I dig it when I just stay out in the bush with my bros. There will be plenty of time for that as time comes. God has been so good to allow me to taste the sweetness of his creation and let me serve in ways that he can only accomplish through an ordinary surfer like me. Praise God, I am so grateful for His grace and mercy as he continues to grow me and His ministry.


From the guest blogger Dale “Surfer D” Winslette – Friday

“The DEAFENING EFFECT – Living in Whoville”

If You’ve seen “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” you’ve seen the part where the Grinch says about Whoville : “ It’s the NOISE, NOISE, NOISE, NOISE, NOISE!!!!!”

NOISE…In Port-Au-Prince it overloads the senses and permeates the air…like the smog which chokes the city. That’s the way it’s been for the last week. The critical mass of 3 Million people with their associated dump trucks, cars, taxis, motorcycles, ambulances, the all white colored vehicle United Nations brigade –who drive like they are running with their hair on fire, and horns of every kind and of every sound imaginable on every kind of vehicle coupled with ZERO traffic control is just DEAFENING!!!

The good news is we got to see the flipside of that today with a trip to the mountain area of Z’Orange which lies NE of the Port where Kenny and Chuck have been working for several years. Unfortunately the bad news is the lack of natural resources, the deforestation of the country, along with the extensive erosion of the hillsides has taken it’s toll….Such is the plight of Haiti…it just takes a toll on you. The good news was the QUIET of the mountain region, which was completely foreign in our city environment for the last week. That along with the hospitality of the people, the genuine laughter of children at play. Something absent in the city but sorely needed … even in a small way by a land and people wrought with destruction.