Haiti, October 31, 2009

Yeah I finally got my Haitian phone to replace the one I lost in August. GMSM also bought a new phone for George Truelove. The least we could do for such a wonderful servant to God and Haiti. George has become a true friend and brother. Today was a day of rest for the most part. After all it is the true Sabbath according to the Jews. We did visit the church job site to let Chuck make sure all the ducks are in a row and we also ran a few errands.
After all that we took off up the mountain above port to the Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe. This mission was started in the early 1940’s and has been an incredible asset to the people of Haiti. Beautiful drive up and down the mountain. I think everyone is burned out tonight including me. We go to the village in the morning for church, lunch and fellowship. I hope that I get a chance to see Pastor Fani. We will have to see. All in all another blessed cool day serving the Lord in Haiti. An old Haitian proverb to end the day with “When the Panther and Goat come together all are safe”. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

October 30, 2009, Haiti Mission Trip

I am so glad that I have learned to have no expectations on any mission trip that God allows GMSM to be a part of. What is so unique about this trip is much of it is being done behind the scenes. Most of what we are doing is making everything cool for the coming team. I can only imagine how this worked if you had to deal with it by yourself like Chuck did for so many years.
We started out this morning picking up some meds from a pharmacy in town. From there we went back to Harry’s church site to get the truck to fill with more supplies to take to Z’Orange. We had two more stops to make on the way to the village before we headed up the mountain. The first stop was to C.A.M. (Christian Aid Ministry) to pick up more meds for the medical clinic that will take place in a week or so. C.A.M. is a Mennonite ministry that helps medical clinics and supports schools along with some church planting.
From there we went to Global Outreach to pick up a donated four wheeler to take up to the mountain to help with some transportation. Global Outreach drills water wells in Haiti and maintains the wells that are dug. After all the gathering of supplies we headed on up the mountain to drop of and pick up some things that needed to come back down. I am getting some great drive time here in all conditions. Mountain driving can be a little scary at times but city driving is down right crazy.
God is so gracious to continue to bless and stretch me in so many ways. I feel so unworthy and undeserving to do what God allows me to do and hope I always continue to feel that way. Thank you Jesus for another great day in Haiti. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Oct. 29, 09 Haiti Mission Trip

How can we not praise God the creator of all and from whom all blessings flow? Each day in Haiti is such a blessing and a struggle. God has brought so many together through the church of Jesus to sharpen each other and to work side by side. It never ceases to amaze me how cool God is to use a bunch of kooks like us to further His plan of Kingdom expansion. As we stumble through each day God just seems to continue to lay a clear path to travel. I need to say no more about how Dottie takes care of us except PTL. We got to the church site first thing this morning to talk to the bosses (Haitian dudes in charge) about a material for the foundation. Today was a very important day for all involved. The men are just about finished with the digging and are almost ready for rebar and concrete. Once Chuck pinned boss down for a list we took off for another eventful trip to town with Gabriel. Steve and I along with a couple of Haitians took the truck to the lumber store to meet the rest of the crew. The lumber guys got all the rebar together for us and loaded it on the truck. From that point we split back up. We took the material back to the work site while Chuck and Jerry went in search of sand and rock, which in the big scheme of things is not hard to find especially on this island. Although this stuff really is everywhere the building sand and rock has to be bought through the proper venders. Chuck and Jerry had four truck loads of sand and two truck loads of rock delivered to the church site. Even though today was very productive there will be many more trips to town to gather material before the work is completed.

First 2 Days Back in Haiti

Kenny is back in Haiti with Brother Chuck of Truth Evangelistic Ministry, working on the foundation for a new church in Port Au Prince, delivering food to children in the village of Z’Orange, and making preparations for the team coming in November. Please pray for all these Christians in Haiti who deliver the truth about Jesus Christ to people who are less fortunate than us in the U.S.A.

Oct 28, 2009 Haiti mission trip
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, what a day. After another killer meal (breakfast) we headed out to Harry’s church site to survey the progress on the foundation. Chuck spoke to Boss T. Crabs to discuss what was needed as far as materials for the next phase of the project. It was cool to sit and listen as Gods plan unfolds. When the discussion was over we headed out to Love a Child to get the truck and pick up some Feed My Starving Children food to take up to Z’Orange. I drove the truck through town, up the mountain, back down the mountain and back through town. It was so good to see Pastor Doleon and the people of the village. It is also cool to help out with driving duties to give Chuck a break. Once we got back down the mountain the sun was gone and the real fun got started. Trust me; it is a trip driving at night in PAP, Haiti. CRAZY! We found our way back to Harry’s church where Chuck and George was waiting. We left the truck there and trucked back to Dottie’s. What a great day. Thank you Lord Jesus.
Oct 27, 09 Haiti Mission Trip
Nothing out of the norm, Gods business as usual. Lots of air time, flight legs and all the stuff it takes to get down to Haiti. It is always good to spend some quality time with Chuck. It may seem selfish but I do like it sometimes when we travel alone. It is nice to just bounce things around. Seems like when we are home both our ministries keep us moving and it is hard to pin each other down. We need to work on that. Anyway we hooked up with our group in PAP (Port Au Prince), had a great meal as always at Dottie’s and just chilled waiting on the Lord to give us direction. Many things need to be done. Materials need to be bought for Harry’s church in PAP, food needs to be picked up and taken out to the village of Z’Orange and preparations need to take place for the team coming in November. It will be a busy week and I am excited to see what God has in store for us. I do hope and pray to see Pastor Fani.

Thanks All for a great “Raise the Roof” Concert

Thank you Sonia Gann for the awesome photography!

WOW! What a beautiful day God provided for us to have His concert on. The bands were great and the music was fantastic. All I can say is that whoever decided there were other things to do, well, bummer for you. All the volunteers served with a joyful heart and everything went off as planned. The crowd was sparse but I have come to the point that God knows who needed to be there and they were. Kevin Derryberry, Shawn and Katie Sandlin drove all the way down from Birmingham, Al. and did a great job. Without Silence and the Jeremy Gibson Band rocked. Jamey Shannon did a wonderful job at revealing who he really is. Although I think he does a great job of music minister at FBCFWB, I do believe I like him much better on stage truly using the gifts God has given him. Matt Brown, Josh and the FBCFWB house band all held their own. Drew and Keith did the killer barbeque and kept everyone full. The city of Ft. Walton tried to pull a fast one on us the day before the concert but God was much faster, “Get thee behind me satan”. We raised a few dollars, people heard the truth in the gospel and more people in town know more about Give Me Shelter Ministries, Inc. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow. WOW!
Kenny Phillips founder/director
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Ponchatoula Fundraiser for GMSM

Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow. The family and I had fantastic opportunity to participate in a fund raising event in Ponchatoula, La. on the weekend of Oct. the 11th. We visited our wonderful friends the Guillot’s and the Felder’s. The weekend was spent in fellowship and planning for our Christmas mission trip to Mexico on December the 26th thru the 30th. On Sunday the 11th Wormy and the boys grilled chicken at the church which was put in to go boxes along with several side dishes and sold for 7.00 dollars a box. Susan and Sharon coordinated the fund raiser as well as the preparation of the boxes along with a great group of servants. Kim, the girls and I helped pick up the slack where needed.
All in all over 1200.00 dollars was raised that will help offset the cost of the meals we will be preparing and serving in the colonias in Mexico. The event took place at Westside Baptist Church. This same group has also raised over 2000.00 dollars so far for the blankets that will be given out at Christmas. GMSM is so blessed to have such beautiful partners as these in Ponchatoula. Praise God!
Kenny Phillips founder /director

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