Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

I praise God for allowing me the opportunity to join Give Me Shelter Ministries and the Westside Baptist Church group on the Mexico 2010 Mission Trip. I spent the last several months praying for God to use me somehow on this trip to spread His love. I tried to pre-plan how I would fit in with this group, contribute to the ongoing work here, and just serve God. However, all my pre-planning went out the window as soon as I met the wonderful people of Nuevo Laredo. God immediately impressed upon my heart to lay down my plans and allow Him to show me His love. The people we have met here are unbelievable. Experiencing their joy in the midst of such hardship puts things into perspective. My life is forever changed. I am the one who has been blessed by this trip.

I see my Savior’s face in each smiling child here.

Please join me in continuing to pray for the people of Nuevo Laredo and for the wonderful work being done by Give Me Shelter Ministries. I can tell you first hand that Give Me Shelter is about God’s work. This is a kingdom expansion ministry. Nothing else matters.


Westside Baptist Church

This morning we went to the orphanage and listened as one of the older girls that lives at the orphanage told the story of Joseph. Then we helped them make “saddle bags” and gave them lunch. It’s always a pleasure to see all the kids and know that they remember who you are. Then we got on the bus to ride over to the colonials, where we do VBS for kids in the community. Today they learned about Zaccheus and afterwards they made cows out of toilet paper rolls, we painted their faces, and then they had a water balloon fight. WE GOT SOAKED!! Then we got on the bus and went to the famous chicken place, and it was good as usual. Next we had to hurry to the border since it closed at 6 today because of the flooding of the Rio Grande. When we made it back to the church we all took showers and prepared for the next day. Tomorrow is our last day going into Mexico and we are sad to leave this place but we will be back in December!

The Rachels (Stanford and Phillips)

Praise God for guest bloggers. This has been such a blessing to have people step up and help with all the updates for this trip. Caise has been outstanding in playing the role of computer dude. It gets me to bed earlier. We did have another great day on the house and all is going scary smooth. All we have left is to throw up some shingles. One of the best ones yet. VBS is running at 50 plus kids and the leadership has been great.

Tomorrow we have a VBS cook out. Yahoo!