Look What You’ve Helped Build in Two Days

This morning we went to Casa Hogar Elim and we did a craft where we made snakes out of wooden spoons. After we left the orphanage we went to the colonials to do VBS. When we first got to the church in the colonials, we gave each child and their parent a sack lunch. While Jose was telling the children a story about Joseph, Rachel S., Rachel P. and I were preparing bracelets for the girls.

While the boys were outside playing soccer, the girls were in the church making wallets. The boys also made wallets while the girls were making bracelets. After each child finished making their wallet, we gave them two pesos. I am very glad that I came this year because this has been my first trip to Mexico and my first time out of the country as well. The trip has been very fun so far and I can’t wait to come back next year or over Christmas break.


Once again we were late to sleep and early to rise. Of course I like getting up early, getting a good start and beating the sun. Yesterday we made so much progress on the home that today we got started on the roof and rafters. It is so cool to see the progress on the home each day and see that pile of lumber become a young couple’s future home. Miriam was close by today and I could see her smiling as we started on the roof decking. Actually, she seemed to be smiling almost all day long. Once again God provided us with wonderful weather. Because of the constant cool breeze, I almost forgot how hot it was last year.  Hopefully the weather can hold out two more days and we will be finished. I am really looking forward to the home dedication.

Yesterday we came across the regular Nuevo Laredo crossing and pulled into a major traffic jam. Today we decided to drive down to the Columbia Crossing. Other than the 5 of us in a small truck, the crossing went a whole lot smoother. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow.


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