One house down, one to go.

Give Me Shelter Ministries completed our first July mission with a finished home for a young family in Pastor Felipe’s church. We will return later this week… more info tomorrow.  Thank you to all for your support!

Special thanks to all our guest bloggers this mission trip.

Today was the last day on the house. We got out there and it looked like the rain was on its way. So we all got up on the roof and gave it our all to get it finished. When the last nail was put down it was starting to rain. The group then picked up all the tools and trash and went out to the church with the VBS and had a quick BBQ in the rain. This was my first trip with the group and I hope it’s not my last.

Brad Maillet

Today the water in the Rio Grande the water was flooding the border and the border was closing so the whole day went very quick. The trip to the orphanage in my eyes was a success, the children made bracelets and fans but since we were in a hurry we left their lunches there so they could distribute them themselves. When we went to the colonials the building crew was there cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers under the tent because it had started pouring rain, so the rest of us went into the church. In the church we did the crafts and waited for the food to finish cooking and we “talked” sort of with our Mexican amigos. When the food had been cooked we served the kids and while they were eating we decorated the picture frames for their pictures we had taken of them earlier this week. Then we gave them to the pastor and his wife to give to the children because we had to leave because everything was almost under water at the border. When we walked out of the church there was mud everywhere and we tracked mud onto the bus which was nasty, then we had the left over hamburgers and hotdogs on the bus. Arriving at the border we looked at the river and it was about 5 ft. away from being in the streets, but the line was short so we had to wait a little bit but other than that we got home safe. From that experience basically what I learned is that when things do look good or go as planned God provides and as far as the day goes everything we had planned was accomplished and we had fun doing it.

Cole Whitfield

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. As I looked out at the colonias this morning and saw the possibility of a complete wash out my first prayer was God please do not let it rain because we need to get the roof on this house. We could have finished the house yesterday but it was so painfully hot that the shingles were melting in our hands and the nails were going right through the them. So we decided to get a very early start. Crack of chicken early. So after my selfish prayer of no rain I soon realized that God knows what his world needs better than I could ever know. The rain did hold off and the weather was cool so the finish work on the house went smoothly. We went to Felipe’s to wrap up VBS and cook out hamburgers and hotdogs. The rain started, the rivers were rising, the bridges were closing and we were about half hour to forty five minutes away from the border. We did make it across. Bridge one was completely under water and more water was expected. We finished our day with Lydia’s piano of fire. Tomorrow we head for H-Town for some R&R and then home to get ready for a turnaround trip.

Todo Paqueteria
Kenny GMSM