Haiti Mission, February 19, 2011

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We woke up early to get all to the airport in plenty of time to be herded like cattle into the proper stalls to be delivered back to the states. After a quick bite we loaded up on a bread truck and negotiated down the roads of chaos. It really went smoothly and as we got to the drop-off zone there was hardly anyone in line. That made the entry into the departure area quick and easy.

After saying good-bye to all our friends, Fede, Harry, Matt and I took off to the Dominican Republic border via Mirebalais. We took the road, very rough road towards the border. It took almost 3 hours to go 60 miles. When we arrived at the border our crossing problems were just about to begin. This was another vision part of the trip that was to see the best way to get across to the D.R. for future possibilities. We found out that the border does not let Haitian vehicles cross on the weekend. That is what they said anyway. I will tell you something for sure: the Dominicans as a whole are very prejudiced against the Haitians. They are mistreated very much over here.

After many run-a-rounds we finally got our bodies across but had to let the vehicle stay ay the migration office. After finding a $7.00 a night place to lay our head in Elias Pena we met up with the Good Samaritan Joselita. This guy was a saint at the border. This dude has a Haitian mother and is a Dominican border guard. He moved over to the D.R. to go to college for social services and decided to join the D.R. army to work the border to help Haitians as they cross. He dialed us into the hotel then came and picked us up and took us to a killer chicken place. After tons of conversation and chicken we parted ways for the night only to meet back up in the morning. God is so cool, praise God from whom all blessings flow.