Haiti Mission, February 18, 2011

Wow what a quick time passage through an area of Haiti with good friends, gringo and Haitians alike. I think the key to working in Haiti is to understand that God created man in His own image and not the image of the great American hero. I have seen, do see and will unfortunately see prejudice at its finest no matter how subtle or blatant it may be. When one can realize what is brought to the table should be shared equally as possible with the giver the last to receive, then the gaps can start to be filled in. After all, the disciple Peter was shown that nothing God creates is unclean. Man makes things unclean with his self serving agendas.

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This is the day of tears and joy as I take my cousin Jeff and his crew from IUMC and my good bro Dale back into the mass confusion of PAP to a new guest house closer to our work called God’s Planet. On our way down the mountain we were invited to have breakfast with the Napalese U.N. at there compound just outside Mirebalais. Almost the moment we entered the city area you could feel a pressure that does not exist in the province.

Before we got to the guesthouse I took the team to Harry’s property and his church at Savon Blonde. This gave everyone a different look at the challenges between country and city.

The amount of blessings one can receive in a day is incredible. God has been so gracious to GMSM to have allowed us to come along the side of Matt Ashkoff and James Fede to partner together with Peligre Hope Partners for the common goal of life quality in a remote area. Two great dudes God hooked me up with who have true hearts of compassion. Tomorrow we drop the crew off at the airport and Matt, Harry, Fede and I head off to the D.R. for a new adventure. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.