Haiti Mission, February 20, 2011

We did meet back up with Joselita at the border and with all his effort the head border dude would not give us the time of day. We shook the dust off the town Elias Pena and hired a ride to the next town to catch a bus for Santo Domingo. We left Fede’s car at the border and continued on our trek to Matt’s house in close to Cabrera on the north coast. Once we got to Santo Domingo we rented a cheap ride and headed north.

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There is such a vivid difference in the landscape between Haiti and the D.R. Look at it how you may, but the transition from one to the next is crazy. Matt’s place is about 3 hors north and the ride was great as we all tried to fix the problems of Haiti in our conversations. What a blessing it is to be with these three guys. We arrived well after dark and met Matt’s wife Kelley and his brother and sister-in-law. Awesome group of folks who treated us with such kindness. Had some killer grub then sacked out for the night.