Haiti Mission, February 17, 2011

I guess I would be lying if I said I had a good night’s sleep. I seem to really never get that real good zoned out sleep in Haiti. Between digesting the day and all the extracurricular sounds that are dealt with just keeps my mind so occupied. We traveled by boat and oar across a lake to visit a village that is pretty much cut off from the surrounding villages. This place is called Malantial and it is where Fede’s wife came from. They have a small school and just a few traditional Haitian homes scattered about. Again we were treated with such a gift as the children welcomed us with song.

They put on a small assembly and then we all just kind of hung out for a while playing with the kids. Soon came the locals with what is always a joy, fresh coconuts with the milk. A couple of quick whacks with the machete and instant, natural liquid nectar. The boat ride back was awesome. It is such a beautiful place up here and I am blessed to share it with such a cool group of folks. The rest of the day was spent with everyone chilling and doing their own gig. Good night!

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