Haiti, March 14, 2012

It’s scary to think something can be perfect or at least close to it. Well I can say for sure that this team is as close as it gets. We embarked on a journey today that not a lot of people can handle. We were blessed to go up to a village at the top of a mountain called Dopilan. This is a village that I have visited twice before. It’s about a 4-5 mile hike straight up a mountain and I mean straight up. A very difficult trek even for those in great shape.

This place is a very poor place that God has laid at our feet. The resources are few and the poverty is a hard thing to get your head wrapped around. An absolute beautiful place but the beauty does not fill the belly or bring much hope. All we can do is depend on God to guide us through this very difficult door. The team embraced the children and mountain top much like I did the first time I visited. We always try and encourage the children and the teachers of the school. One broken building doubles as a school and church and both struggle. I often wonder why God puts these places in my path when we are such a small mission organization and we can only do so little. I do know a little love and compassion goes a long way in the witness of our real reason for being here.

What a blessing we received for the hard work it takes to get to this place that is voiceless and lost to the world. The trip began with a crazy bus ride over Mon Cabrit ( goat mountain ) with 20 people in a 14 passenger van. Public transportation is not for everyone but it’s cheap and until God finds that vehicle for us we will continue to use the Tap-tap and Mottos.

You see this is what I was talking about when I said this team is totally a body of one, close to perfect. It’s almost as I am walking with one instead of six. They know why they are here, they are here for God’s agenda and not their own.

The trip back is no cake walk either… it’s just backwards. Today reshaped a lot of lives. Tomorrow is another adventure to a similar place. Will we be reshaped and molded all over again. God knows! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.