Haiti, March 13, 2012

What a blessed day today has been. I absolutely froze last night and really did not get much sleep at all due to an A/C that kicked butt. I am still trying to sort that one out in my head. The fact that I am in Haiti for like the umpteenth time and this is a first for me. I must be living right or something. Oh well, this is a good problem to have down here. I am sure this will be a gig that may not last… Who knows?!

Anyway, we left the guest house this morning around 9:00 (slow start) and headed to our school in Croix des Bouquet, a town outside of Port. I was very excited to introduce these guys to the Evangelical Baptist School of Trinity which we launched in October of last year. The school is located at Harry’s church. We have 80 students and 11 staff. We are so blessed to have a man like Pastor Harry over see the school. We are also blessed to have John Smitts as a school director.

When we arrived at the school the whole team just embraced the kids and our staff. It was such a beautiful sight watching the interaction and the love that was shown. I was humbled to the max. You do not always see that kind of response from visitors right off the bat. The kids were excited to see us too.The girls brought some treats and bracelets to give out to the students. Our group was able to see the the workings of a normal school day. They also got to witness lunch being made and served.

Once school let out, Harry sent one of his church leaders to get some lunch for us. We did a killer grind down in the church and then got ready for the bumpy ride back to the guest house. On our way back we took the crew to Harry’s property to see the house that we started building back in July of last year. We are in the roofing stages and are praying God will continue to provide funds to complete this house for a very worthy servant. Once back at the guest house Pastor Jeff and his daughter Sarah took a dip in the devils swimming hole aka swimming pool haha. We had a nice supper and a great Bible study to end the day and what a good day it was. Tomorrow we hike up to Dopilan, a small village way up in the mountains. It will be another adventure in Haiti. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.