Haiti, March 15, 2012

Everyone slept very hard last night after the sojourn up the mountain to Dopillan. I can say at least for myself I was tired, and by the looks of everyone else the team was beat.

We were up early again today and headed towards another journey. We would go south to Jacmel on the Carribean side of the island to visit a small orphanage that Harry and I have been ministering to. We are not involved with the day to day work we only supply food when we can afford to. To make this journey we had to take our tap tap to port Leogane to rent a small bus. From there it was a 2-21/2 hr. Drive over a beautiful mountain range down to the coast.

We arrived at the orphanage to see what I totally expected. Children hungry, dirty and lacking human love. To no fault of the two women who oversee the place, they are running on less than a shoestring budget. Many problems exist here at this 9 children orphanage. This is what has stopped us from getting involved other than staying on the outside loop and just trying to help physically when we can. The teams heart was stirred ( as mine always is down here ) and provided some funds to buy enough food for a month or so. It was a blessing watching the team bring the food to the children. We could only stay for a short time with the kids due to the ride back across the mountain. This was just another ugly face that Haiti can show you. This place can pull you apart if you let it. You must choose your battle and fight it and let the other wars pick a fight with other warriors.

We visited a few other places to include a ride to the coast. We started back a little later than expected. Once down the mountain we ran into a downpour that lasted several hours which ultimately stopped all traffic to due flash flooding. We were stuck for several hours hoping the rain would stop and the flooding would subside. Here again I am with a team as resilient as I am and when complaints would have been easy, all was cool. What a blessing it is to be with this team. I don’t know if I’ll ever see any of them again in Haiti but they will never be forgotten. We did finally start moving again and reached the guest house very late. Another day rode hard and put up late. It was another day in Haiti. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.