Haiti, July 23, 2011

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Praise God for whom all blessings flow, we had a great night sleep. After breakfast Deborah sat down with Fede and Darlene and showed them how to use the supplies in their medical kit.

After lunch we all went to Mirebalais to visit the new construction of the Partners and Health medical training center and also to see the CTC (Cholera Treatment Center). The CTC is where most people go in the central plateau area to be treated for Cholera. Deborah was very interested from a medical standpoint, I was interested from my community relationship with the Haitian people. There are smaller centers around, but this appears to be the largest. Although it is nothing more than a field hospital it seemed to be fairly clean. It had many people around along with lots of children. I cannot say how successful the center is (they have no antibiotics). They do get treated (if they are lucky), but after the treatment most seem to fall back into the sick cycle again due to sanitation and infected drinking water.

There was no cholera in Haiti before the Nepalese UN dumped their human waste into a river outside of Mirebalais. Even though the CTC seems crude it Is somewhat affective. Post treatment is probably the hardest part to achieve.

Once we retuned back to Peligre we had a great time with conversation and a good intro to each one’s life views. From my point I thought it went well and have an immense respect for Deborah and Aiyana. Tomorrow will be a busy day with church and a graduation ceremony for the children of Peligre Hope.