Haiti, July 22, 2011

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What would a trip to Haiti be like without American Airlines throwing me a curve. The flight attendant in Pensacola called in sick so we were delayed waiting on an attendant to fly in from Dallas. This was going to totally mess up the timing to meet Deborah and Aiyana in Port au Prince. Deborah is a medical doctor from New York City and Aiyana is a high school graduate from New York City.

Deborah will be doing focus groups in the village and Aiyana will be assisting her. With a little devine intervention an attendant showed up and we were only behind about an hour or so, which will be a hassle when I get to Miami to make my connecting flight. I barely made my connecting flight and got to Port au Prince on time to meet Deborah and Aiyana in the baggage claim area.

From there we headed out of the Port au Prince airport doors like lambs being lead to slaughter with hopes of meeting up with Fede. As always Mr. Dependable was right there waiting to save us from the uncontrolled chaos that awaits anyone stepping out of PAP doors.

After a brief intro we bolted off to get groceries and to meet Harry. When we left the grocery store we grabbed some killer grind at a nice little restaurant on the way out of town. After we ate we headed off to, my home away from home, Peligre.

It was dark by the time we headed up the mountain. I am glad Fede is now the proud owner of a good vehicle (thanks to IUMC). It makes the trip safer, faster, and easier. Once we arrived in Peligre Harry and I helped the ladies set up camp, made more introductions, and got situated for the evening. I am stoked to say that Deborah and Aiyana were the first gringos to use the new latrine, another nice addition to Peligre School of Hope since the start of partnerships for this mission. We all hit the rack in hopes of getting a good night sleep and as usual Harry and I spent hours catching up on life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.