Haiti, July 24, 2011

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Pride usually comes before the fall of many mighty civilizations. That is also true when people try to work for a common goal as a coalition of visions and dreams. When the focus turns to self and the goals begin to evolve into selfishness that can only come from man. With that said, it was another very strange day in Peligre. We must keep the prize in front and continue to work towards the dream of helping a small group of children realize a better life through health and education. Deborah, Harry, Aiyana, and I had the opportunity to have a small focus group session with Deacon the patriarch of Malenchall. Our original plan was to go to church, but the opportunity presented itself to have this session which we all agreed seemed to be the most important thing at the time. Fede had left and returned to see us talking to Deacon to his unpredictable displeasure. He seemed to think we had no right to do this. After a very intense conversation which I am growing intensively tired of we turned our focus to the event of the day which was the graduation ceremony of the children at the school. This is the first graduation class of Peligre School of Hope. It was such a special time for the children and it really reflected the reason why most of us come here. It is not about one person, but a community of people. They really threw down a big party with many visitors. There was much singing and people speaking on behalf of the teachers and students. Deborah, Aiyana, and I also had the chance to address the group, it was very special. Afterward we took a stroll through the village and visited the small Peligre clinic. After showers Deborah, Aiyana, and I stayed up and had good conversations about experiences we had and about the potential remedies for current situations. Praise God for whom all blessing flow, despite many distractions it was a good day.