Visit to Pastor Fanilus in the Hospital

May 25, 09 Haiti

After a great night sleep we prepared to see what the Lord had in store for us on this day. This place is a very nice place. It is like a kitchenette where you can cook your own food.

It is only $10.00 per day. Once we set out for the day, George and Joe dropped Chuck and I off in town where we waited for Harry and Joe Joe the driver to pick us up. There were several things that we wanted to accomplish today before we headed up the mountain. We went to the hospital to see Pastor Fani and his wife. I can promise you one thing; you do not want to be stuck in a Haitian hospital. Everything is open and patients are piled into a big room with no privacy what so ever. When we walked in and he saw us he started crying. As we visited he would look up at me and tears would fill his eyes. From the flesh part of me I am bummed that he is this way. But the spiritual part of me knows that God is in complete control and He knows what is best for His children. We were informed that if he would not have come to the hospital he surely would have died.

After a short visit we spoke to Sister Fani and I gave her some money that Vance Baptist Church, Al had provided. We prayed and then we left. After running several more errands, which at times can be an adventure in itself we grabbed some lunch and headed off to Love A Child to pick up the truck. I logged some good drive time driving back to the guest house. I think tomorrow I will drive up the mountain to Z’Orange.