Pastor Fani Gets Blood from Red Cross | Preparing Pews for Jerusalem II Church

May 26, 2009

After leaving the guest house we had e few more errands to run before we headed up the mountain. Chuck and I drove in the big truck and George and Joe drove together, we all met at the lumber store to get the supplies for the pews for the Jerusalem II. After the lumber run we had some lunch and picked up food supplies. From that point we split up. Joe, myself, Ginette and Simon took Gabriel up the mountain while Chuck and George stayed in Port to take care of some business. I drove all through town and up the mountain to Z’Orange. Praise God for a new path. The new road makes things a whole lot easier. I am glad that Chuck feels comfortable with me to help with the ministry. Once we arrived in Z’Orange we unloaded the truck and set up camp. It was neat to see the kids helping us to unload the lumber and set things up. It started raining and stopped us from working so we ate supper and chilled.

May 27, 2009

Praise god from whom all blessings flow. What a night it was. After the rain it got so cool that I even got a little chilly a couple of times. Trust me, that is a good thing when the days are blistering. Ginette gave us a nice breakfast and we began the wait for gas to put in the generator. Chuck, George and Simon went back to Port to take care of a few things. Once the gas arrived we started pre-fabricating the lumber to be be used to make the new pews for Pastor Fanilus and Jerusalem II. It was so cool to have some of the young men help us out. Even Ginette was a tremendous help. Although there was a language barrier of sorts they caught on quick to Joe’s and my plan. Before long we had a cool assembly line going, the work went so smooth and it was great fun fellowshipping with my brother and sisters.

There is a lot that goes on during the day around the church. One of the main things is the school. It is so neat to see the children in dress uniforms and learning. School costs money so there are a lot of children that do not attend school. We spent many hours ripping and cutting lumber to get it ready and I think without the help the Lord provided for us, we would not have gotten as much done as we did.

You know something I was thinking about today was that I have not even seen John Wesley (the voodoo priest). I am not even sure if he ever rented the house that Chuck and I gave him the money for so he and his family could be together.

When the guys returned from Port Au Prince I learned that Pastor Fani had gotten some much needed blood from the Red Cross so he could have his surgery. I am still not sure when this surgery is going to take place but I do know that if he was in the U.S. this would have been taken care of long ago. We will all continue to pray and lift him up .Tomorrow we will start mass-producing the pews.