Productive Trip, Much More to Do

Can’t stop time and it has run out for this trip. We have much to continue doing here in Cayette and the surrounding area. We feel we are starting to make some good relations that will only help us to share more deeply with these folks. The pilgrimage to Port starts today. I will stay the night at Harry’s house and spend time with his family. On the way we will stop at a small fishing village in St. Louis de Sud. This is the place where one of our first roofs went on. It’s a small community of about 4 families communally living together. We will bring them some food supplies which they will share with each family.

I will leave Harry’s house in the morning and head back to my family in Fort Walton Beach. It will take a couple of days to get my thoughts together but my mind now will turn back to Mexico, PR, Cuba and planning for the next return trip to Haiti to continue Raising Roofs. Thank you all for making this ministry possible through your kind gifts. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.