21 Roofs This Trip!

After a good nights sleep we got breakfast and headed to Cayette. Today will be the last day on the mountain. I have scheduled a meeting to reenforce our vision and plan to make sure that everyone is still on board. Mostly I wanted to give the people an opportunity to speak their concerns and get their input on how they feel the project is moving. I also let them know that we will start using an agreement signed by each home owner before anymore roofs are started. This will help with less confusion, hold them and us accountable and generally help us in the long run. Today was also another payday. We also set up a time later this afternoon to have a small program with the children. The sewing ministry at First Baptist Church FWB has made more pillow case dresses for the little girls. Pastor Harry will lead the program and distribute the beautiful dresses. We have to come up with a plan for the boys. The past two trips it’s been just for the little girls. Next time the boys have to be included. We head back to Port in the morning. I will spend a day with Harrys family before flying back to mine. We surpassed out goal of 20 roofs. We were able to do 21 roofs PTL.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.