June 24, 2011, Haiti Mission Trip

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Today was a slow day but not by design. Curt stayed involved with the kids today while Bob and I took a long walk by the river. I must say that this trip has been a strain. There is definitely a constant learning curve, but there also has to be a lot of give and take amongst the vision and mission. As far as I am concerned we are here for the children. The other needs will fall in line as God sees fit.

We had a meeting with the members of the church this afternoon at 3:00. We finally made it to the meeting at the church after a little miscommunication. We were trying our best to share with the church council about Kristen’s goal and vision to raise money to help with renovations.

As some know, there is something about that church that exudes the Holy Spirit. I shared that I was only the messenger and read Mark 12:41-44. I told them that the amount of money that is raised was not important, that God is looking for what comes out of the heart. It was so beautiful and God was all over that place, everyone was truly blessed! The church council are very sweet people, we all left totally stoked!

Fede seemed to have something on his mind and I attempted to make sense out of it, but not to much avail. There is much to work on here as far as a true understanding of who we are serving and one must keep “eyes wide open” as we seek God’s guidance in all things.

Tomorrow is another day and I’m stoked because we are going to Dos Pilon, the village that I visited in April. It is a death climb up three mountains; this place is totally cut off and I can’t wait to go. God never promised that things would be easy and sometimes I think that He is testing me to the max! Oh well, here I am Lord use me as You will.

Kenny, GMSM