June 25, 2011, Haiti Mission Trip

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With an early morning wake up, we began the process of getting our chum together to climb the mountain to Dos Pilon. Fluids are a must and we had plenty of them for this climb. Fede, Curt, Bob, Harry and I walked to the base of the mountain to wait on some other men who would help us find our way. Fede was not going on the trip with us; he was making sure that we connected with our tour dudes. This is a very difficult climb, but hey, I think most that know me know that I am always ready for an adventure.

As we discussed the difficulty of the climb, Curt who was feeling a little under the weather decided that it might be best for him to go back to the village with Fede and take it easy. So it was Bob, Harry, the Haitian guides, three horses and me. The village at Dos Pilon is absolutely cut-off from any other place. The only thing at the top is a small church/school with small homes dotting the countryside. This is my second trip up here and the need in almost unimaginable. The closest source of water is over an hour walk away and any other supplies other than natural resources have to come from Peligre which is a least four miles down the mountain. The school has about 125 students with four teachers who make (when they are able to get paid) around $7.50 per month. The students have to pay tuition of 350 goudes a year which equals to about $8.75 and most can’t even afford this.

We were met with the sweetest singing from the hearts of the children. They were so stoked to see us! I must say that as we worshiped with these beautiful children, the director, pastor and deacons the Holy Spirit was almost unbearable. God continues to break me while in Haiti. He is only worthy and He allows me to see the real world. I shared from I Samuel 10:10-12, about when Samuel anointed David. I told them that no matter how small and cut-off they were that God had great plans for them. God laid it on our hearts to help the church and school. We were able to assist with unpaid salaries for the teachers, food/water for the children, school supplies for the coming school year and gave an offering to the church.

We stared our descent by being invited to the director’s house to share a meal of goat, plantains, rice and beans. Talk about sacrifice! This family has nothing that the carnal world would see as fit for anything, but they do have what a lot in this world don’t have….the love of Jesus. Time and time again this is revealed through “the least of these”. The trip down the mountain was glorious and our time spent up on the mountain could not be touched by anything. It was a special time with Harry and Bob. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Tomorrow will be spent reunited with our families and our “over the top” country. Much to learn many miles from nowhere only if you have eyes wide open.