June 18, 2009 Mexico Mission trip with Gulf Breeze

Que Pasa mi amigos. Today is the last day of the mission trip but the beginning for many changed lives who have served on this mission trip. I have made so many good friends from a 12 year girl who has been called to missions to a 60 or so year old pastor who is much like Jonah. Called to serve in a place that he despised.

God had 50 children show up in the colonias today for VBS. I guess if we were going to be there tomorrow there would be 65 or 70. God continued to increase daily. There were 10-12 children that were led in the prayer of salvation today. Praise God for the harvest that God allowed this team to be a part of.

I know Pastor Felipe will continue to minister to these children. I learn more and more about Felipe and am beginning to understand that I must be around more if this ministry is going to help impact the colonias for Kingdom expansion. The Gulf Breeze group has done an incredible job and have been such a blessing to me. I look forward to hanging with them more. We ate at the pollo place and then took the team to the market to shop. Tonight we have bless and stretch, one of my favorite times.