June 17, 2009 Mexico report with Gulf Breeze Baptist Church

Praise God for how He is working in Mexico. After killer coffee and a cool breakfast provided by Cheryl the chef we headed to the church for VBS. As always so far, Derel and crew did an amazing job with the Bible teaching, crafts, snacks and recreation.

While some of the stuff was wrapping up, I went to visit the couple that we are going to build the house for when FBCFWB comes. Raul and Tomasa Badillo are their names. Rachel, Felipe, Rueban and Gabriel went with me. It was awesome to pray and share with them. Today is the last day at the orphanage and I know from experience that it will be hard for some of the youth and adults. Many tears will be shed and many hearts will be changed. To me this is the bittersweet part of these trips. To watch God stretch and mold hearts.

It was good to spend some time with mama Lupita and Deana today just to catch up on some things. Each night we have a time of reflection and tonight was a tough night for some of these kids. We will continue VBS at Filepe’s church in the morning and then it is off to the chicken place for lunch and then will take everyone shopping at the market. I love this group and look forward to spending more time with them. I really thank Rachel Conte for helping me with pictures, captions and other website email related stuff. Her help was most cool. Praise God that he yoked me up with these folks.


Hola Amigos!
My name is Kyle Mckissack and I have the wonderful opportunity to serve on the trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I am 16.6 years old and attend Gulf Breeze High School and First Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze. I am currently the Twister® masta in our group. Today we visited the colonias and helped again with the VBS program. It is amazing to see the children each day and see how they are becoming more comfortable around us. The twinkles in their eyes and smiles make my day.

We got to make colorful sippy cups with them today which were amazing. Sarah Gates is one cool girl. After this we headed to the Casa Hogar Elim orphanage. The children here are so energetic and hug all over you all day. We also got to color cups with them which was especially cool seeing as they had no cups. It was an especially important day because it was our last time to get to see them. Until the next time I come back that is.

The children at this orphanage have all been a blessing to me. They constantly display the largest smiles and can’t get enough of us “Americanos”. They are so positive and have so little it is very humbling. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what is in store.