Haiti, September 10, 2011

I gotta be honest to our supporters and readers about something, so I guess this is the time for true confession. We are staying in the most killer house provided by Medishare for its volunteers and workers. I mean this place is totally cool and tricked out with A/C, power, hot showers (which I have never experienced in Haiti) and for most of the time Internet service. What a blessing this is that David has opened his doors to us and provided shelter for GMSM. He is also an awesome cook and he has kept our bellies full. So between the good food and his worship music, he continually fills our cup. Totally a very cool dude and brother. I think God has allowed us to have this time of refreshing because of the emotional and spiritual draining that this trip is being.

Today we had to face the demons head on and make tough decisions about how and where God will allow us to go and work in Haiti. I am convinced that one of the reasons this band of gypsies is here is so that Gods light will shine through the darkness of man and the things he worships. It’s funny how even though we all have times in our lives to come clean we still sometimes choose to ignore the truth and live the lies of the great deceiver. You don’t have to go to Haiti experience it either, it’s all over even in our churches. So, here we are having to pick up the pieces of broken man and seeing how God can be glorified through the mistakes of lost people without a vision. The cool thing about it is that He will be glorified and I know in my heart of hearts that God will show us the ancient path and allow us to walk down it and find rest for our souls. So as of now I am walking down the path back to the killer crib with the A/C, bot showers and awesome grindage. Praise God from whom all blessings,