Haiti, September 9, 2011

There are times when I feel that I am on an island. Praise God that this is not one of those times. I m thankful to have two brothers with me to help share the burdens that sometimes come with ministry. The burden I am talking about is holding ourselves accountable to do what is honorable to God through holding others accountable for their actions.Today will be a fact gathering day that will help us to evaluate our relationships and partnership agreements. As we talked to some of the local people, we discovered that the things we feared most were true and that we had to take steps to try and reconcile a mess that we have no control of. The only control we do have is the fact that we can stop things from moving further along. The day ended with a nice visit from Madam Fani and Michelet at Harry’s church. We broke bread with all and fellowshipped with everyone. I talked with Madam Fani about her house and we spoke to Michelet about his school up in Crochi. After our time at Harry’s church we headed back to David’s place to regroup and talk strategy about our tough talk tomorrow that will have to take place because of selfish desires. I know many people will be praying for us and I know the Holy Spirit will fill us with wisdom. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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