Haiti, July 27, 2009

We left Dottie’s guest house this morning and headed to the airport to MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship to catch a bush plane up to Mole St. Nichol. It is about a forty five minute flight from Port Au Prince. From there we will travel to Sentrain where George and Carol Ann Truelove live and serve.

Once up in the air the view was incredible. I have always wanted to head up this way and it is so cool that God gave me a chance. Bush planes are always so sketchy feeling, in a good way though. Kind of like dropping into a big wave over a shallow reef.

Once we approached the air strip at Mole St. Nichol — or “landing dirt road” I should say — we were greeted by George Truelove. Mole is a coastal town with beautiful clear water. Not really sure what goes on there but I am sure fishing is a big part of it.

After driving through Mole we headed to Marerouge and then on to Sentrain. Once we arrived in Sentrain we got settled in at the guest house, had lunch and chilled. I walked around a bit and talked to a few locals and snapped off a few shots. It is much different up here. I can feel I am close to the coast.

We scoped out the work for the roof and continued to relax for the rest of the afternoon. George and Carol Ann run a medical clinic that encompasses so much more than I know about. I will find out more tomorrow. Wow! When it gets dark up here it gets dark. God is so awesome!