Haiti, July 28, 2009

A very hard day today. Of course every day is hard in Haiti. Had a killer breakfast that would help jump start the day that God had in store for us.

We started tearing the old metal roof to prepare for the new metal. This is so cool. This is something God laid on my heart about a year ago. George has helped Truth Ministries out so much and he has always been so kind to me. He told me a need and God just said “Hey dude do it”. He needed a new roof over his depot. I spoke with Chuck about this and we were in agreement so here we are.

As we began to tear the roof off, a prayer need came out of the clinic that Carol Ann runs in this tiny village of Sentrain. There was a breech birth about to happen. About a half hour later word came that not only was it a breech birth but also it was twins. Siamese twins at that. They were joined at the stomach. Can you imagine this going on in a place where specialized help is very far away? Carol Ann has delivered 100’s of babies but this was a first. The babies did not make it and it was a bummer of a scene.

Will’s daughter Brittany wanted to work in the clinic today with the baby deliveries. Fifteen years old and this was her first time ever to be exposed to this type of stuff, never the less what she just witnessed. Trust me when you volunteer for clinic work you are right in the middle of it all. It really upset her. This is Tuff stuff! The life that these babies were going to live would have been extremely hard. It is hard when you’re healthy.

Well, these little children are in the arms of Jesus and they never saw sin. God new what he was doing. At least the mother is OK. A short time later another birth took place and all went well. Brittany got to hold the new born little boy. God gives and He takes away. Hard to understand that sometimes but He does know what is going on and how to deal with it.

We got the first half of the roof pulled off and the new metal put on. We could not have done it without the help of a young Haitian man named Ilsonet. Will met this dude a while back and he wanted to help us. Praise God he did. This roof is sketchy at best. I am beat. Noche, noche.