Haiti, July 25, 2011

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Late to bed and early to rise that always seems to be the norm for me in Haiti. After oatmeal and some good breakfast conversation we were blessed with the opportunity to go to Malenchall. It seems like attitudes can change like turning on a light switch here. I guess I will never get use to the craziness of back and forth issues, but I do pray God continues to give me the patience I need to continue building a good trust relationship here at Peligre School of Hope.

I was very excited for Deborah and Aiyana to have the opportunity to take this hike. We packed water and snacks for the trip. As most know from my previous blogs Malenchall is a very isolated area with its own problems and setbacks in the game of survival. The walk there is tough, but beautiful.

Once there, Deborah and Aiyana got a firsthand account of what I had been trying to convey to them about this place. We were met by a small group of villagers both young and old. This was probably our first real attempt at a focus group. Deborah and I asked many questions and we got various answers. The primary need up here today is school building. The structure they have now is very close to falling to the ground. This is the third time I have been to Malenchall and nothing has changed. I know Deborah will take the information that we gathered and come up with a plan.

We left after an hour or so, and visited an old man that Fede knows. This is also a home that I have visited before with Fede. Before we left this home we were treated with fresh coconuts to drink and eat. This was very cool and we were all totally stoked to get the treat. We made our way back to Peligre down the long, hard trail. Darlene had prepared a very good meal of traditional Haitian grindage. The meal consisted of chicken, pickles, plantains, and gravy. I will always be forever indebt to Aiyana for her help and patience as she helped me in my new Apple world. Her techo-saviness was perfect and she taught me a lot about this new GMSM tool. Praise God for whom all blessings flow.