Haiti Blog Friday

Another fun day in the Haitian sun. Today was the most physically demanding day that we have had…..guess we saved the best for last. After breakfast at the guest house we traveled to the church to finish the projects for this trip. Today was unusual in that this was the only day since we have been here that we didn’t have a breeze to help keep us cool. The morning was full of painting and touch up work on the school. The final coat of the chocolate paint and the finishing touches of the pink took most of the morning. I also was asked to sit in with Pastor Harry on a job interview for a 5th grade teacher for the school this morning. It was fun to be part of that process.

Have you ever had people just stop to watch you??? We had a multitude of children stop by and watch us work this morning. It was quite funny. They would walk beside us and simply watch us paint. I guess they found it interesting and exciting to watch some foreigners doing manual labor. They never offered to help, never said a word to us or anyone else, never offered to do anything…..they simply stood there and watched….hahaha

For lunch, Pastor Harry’s wife made us a Haitian stew. It was awesome!!! I truly believe that one of the quickest ways to start to understand another culture is to experience it’s food. Food is more than nourishment for the body…..food binds us together, it creates discussion, it breaks down walls, it shares history, experience and life. Did I say the stew was awesome?!?!

For the afternoon we cleaned the grounds and moved all the clean benches back in the school. It’s was really hot and required us to take several breaks throughout the day, but what a great day. Pastor Harry was extremely grateful for all the hard work from the team. This was a fun and extremely hard working team. Tomorrow we head to the airport in hopes of sleeping in our own beds tomorrow night. We will see:)