Pastor Brent here. Well, another great day in paradise! We got an early start this morning leaving the guest house at 7:45. We arrived at the church and got right to work. Kenny had to leave around 10:30 to catch his flight back to the states, but before he left we had more good conversation and planning for the new school year with Pastor Harry. The new school year is shaping up to be very exciting. As of now, all but one of the teachers is returning, which is great news! By the time we leave Saturday the school will be just about ready for students.

During the morning, Ashley and I painted the inside and outside wall bases a chocolate color while Daniel, Mr Charles and Kenny (while he was here) ripped lumber and repaired several school benches for the children. All the hard work was followed by some great chicken with rice, plantains and some vegetables. After lunch we took all the school benches, cleaned and dried them and finished a little cleanup around the church.

It was a good day, it was a tiring day, it’s was a great day to see God at work in this community. We had more help from some of the school and church leadership, which is very encouraging to see and be a part of. Although we speak a different language, we work beside each other, praising God together, honoring God together and building the Kingdom together. Our prayer over the school and each bench that was repaired and cleaned is that God would work in a mighty way to raise Godly, spiritual leaders out of these children that will change the world for Him. What an awesome opportunity to be a small part of what our huge God is doing!