A Day of Praise and Rest

Yeah! Today is church day. We took off to Z’Orange to go to church at Jerusalem I and to visit with our friends. The church was completely packed today. Probably at least 800 people were in Gods house today. I was told that they had folks from all four Jerusalem churches. It was a beautiful site. As always I love the worship and love the passion the Haitian people have for their Lord and Savior.

I had a chance to visit with Pastor Fani’s wife and talked with her for a little while. I did leave her some money to help with bills, food, water etc. I also talked to his 10 year old son Cado. I told him that he is the man of the house now and he had to take care of his mother. I also told him that his father was very proud of him.

After church Pastor Dorleon’s family made us a great Haitian meal that consisted of goat, rice and beans, onion gravy, fried plantains and pickle.

Came back down to Dottie’s and chilled for the rest of the evening. Three female P.A.’s showed up tonight. They are from Montana and on one of the ladies had great interesting stories. She and her husband own a big ranch. It sounded like they were cowboys and cowgirls. She does medical stuff all over the place. Good stuff. We really enjoyed talking to her. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. Praise God that we had a much needed break today.