A Great Day in Haiti!

From Haiti, February 1, 2010

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Today was one of those days that do not come along very often in Haiti. God allowed us to accomplish so much. Chuck went in search for documents that could not be obtained and ended up with new tires on the van. While all that was going down Dale and I met up with Harry and his friend Martinez.

We took a tap tap out to Harry’s church in Croix-des-Bouquets. Along the way we stopped at a rice place and purchased 24 bags of rice and 6 cases of oil. Today was a food distribution day for the church and community. This was all done at the church property with Harry and the elders of the church overseeing the distribution duties. Harry does such a good job and the people really respect him. He truly loves his people.

We made enough bags of food with rice, beans and oil to feed over 850 people. It is so cool to watch and be a part of all this. People are so grateful and it really does humble you. Smiles all over the place and the children are so beautiful. We wrapped all that up and it was time to head back in town and hook up with Chuck. We are stating to get larger amounts of food into the hands of more pastors. This allows them to distribute it without the chaos and to get it to the communities around their church. Tomorrow we will take a load up to Z’Orange.

Chuck got all kinds of things done to the van today. He even got the A/C fixed in the van. He’s a stylin missionary now. What a great day with lots of stuff accomplished. Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday. The night before I left I told Lydia I would not be home on her birthday. She told me that she would rather me be here in Haiti helping the little children on her birthday. It really made me pause and just say thank you God for her heart. Jesus tells us a lot about children in the scripture. They grow up fast. Tomorrow should be another good day.