October 30, 2009, Haiti Mission Trip

I am so glad that I have learned to have no expectations on any mission trip that God allows GMSM to be a part of. What is so unique about this trip is much of it is being done behind the scenes. Most of what we are doing is making everything cool for the coming team. I can only imagine how this worked if you had to deal with it by yourself like Chuck did for so many years.
We started out this morning picking up some meds from a pharmacy in town. From there we went back to Harry’s church site to get the truck to fill with more supplies to take to Z’Orange. We had two more stops to make on the way to the village before we headed up the mountain. The first stop was to C.A.M. (Christian Aid Ministry) to pick up more meds for the medical clinic that will take place in a week or so. C.A.M. is a Mennonite ministry that helps medical clinics and supports schools along with some church planting.
From there we went to Global Outreach to pick up a donated four wheeler to take up to the mountain to help with some transportation. Global Outreach drills water wells in Haiti and maintains the wells that are dug. After all the gathering of supplies we headed on up the mountain to drop of and pick up some things that needed to come back down. I am getting some great drive time here in all conditions. Mountain driving can be a little scary at times but city driving is down right crazy.
God is so gracious to continue to bless and stretch me in so many ways. I feel so unworthy and undeserving to do what God allows me to do and hope I always continue to feel that way. Thank you Jesus for another great day in Haiti. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.