Haiti, October 31, 2009

Yeah I finally got my Haitian phone to replace the one I lost in August. GMSM also bought a new phone for George Truelove. The least we could do for such a wonderful servant to God and Haiti. George has become a true friend and brother. Today was a day of rest for the most part. After all it is the true Sabbath according to the Jews. We did visit the church job site to let Chuck make sure all the ducks are in a row and we also ran a few errands.
After all that we took off up the mountain above port to the Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe. This mission was started in the early 1940’s and has been an incredible asset to the people of Haiti. Beautiful drive up and down the mountain. I think everyone is burned out tonight including me. We go to the village in the morning for church, lunch and fellowship. I hope that I get a chance to see Pastor Fani. We will have to see. All in all another blessed cool day serving the Lord in Haiti. An old Haitian proverb to end the day with “When the Panther and Goat come together all are safe”. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.