Haitian Orphanage

I make no excuse for my time lapse for reporting on the last day. I was extremely tired which seems to not even mean anything considering all that the beautiful people of Haiti are having to deal with. I really feel that God will allow me to make a turn around trip back in a couple of weeks or so. I am needed there and your support through Give Me Shelter Ministries is needed there.

Our last day was spent driving all over Port trying to find food supplies for an orphanage that someone from back home asked Chuck to check on. In all the chaos of the streets, vendors and traffic we were able to get the supplies. We were not able to make the connection we were hoping for though we did reach a friend of Pastor Harry who is a pastor and also helps with an orphanage. Harry went to seminary with this dude and they are very tight.

His name is Pastor Alexander and has a church near Harry’s church. He also helps out at Coats Little Angels Orphanage. Coats is apparently the name of someone state side who started this place. I do not know the story or circumstances behind this particular orphanage but it almost seems like it has been forgotten. Not a pretty sight but I have not seen an orphanage in Haiti that was a pretty sight to see. Seems like children are used as pawns to serve as a means of bettering one’s self. I am not saying that this is the case but it does make me wonder. It would not take a lot to make a difference here and we did what we could do on a temporary basis. We were able to supply them with food that would sustain them for a couple of weeks. There are thirty children in all, fifteen boys and fifteen girls. I do trust this pastor especially with the backing of Harry. Harry would never lead us astray. The rest of the day was spent out at Harry’s church kind of just chillin. We had to get back to the guest house to start preparation for the return trip back to our families. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.