Haiti Raise the Roof Project

Hit the road early as always and headed to the mountain to check on the progress of the roofs. The rain is making it difficult but the bosses are doing a great job considering the weather. I am totally not prepared for the rain which is my fault. As much traveling as I do, I know the rainy season of most regions and should have been prepared. When we arrived at the base of the mountain we headed upstairs. We went all the way to the top today which is the furtherest that I’ve hiked yet. A very long hard,dangerous climb. Going up is not so bad but coming down can be very hairy, especially after a rain. The rocks and mud get very slippery. A young man who always helps us was their to assist me as I climbed back down. He was very helpful. Once we got to the top they were working hard on five roofs. This is the end of the Cayette region before you get to the Port Salute territory. I never knew how big Cayette was until today. I wish we would have started up here first and worked our way down instead of in reverse. Oh well, live and learn. It is pretty cool to look down across the region and see all the silver hats (roofs) that now dot Cayette. YOU have made it possible through your donations and Gods grace to make this possible. We will start this afternoon gathering the materials for more roofs. The goal is for 20 roofs to go on and even with the on and off again rain, I believe we will meet our goal. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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