Haiti, July 26, 2011

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We woke up very early and started getting our chum together to pack up and head out. We had an appointment at Partners In Health (PIH) at 9:00 am with a young man named Joel who has an administrative role at this organization. This was the first time I have been to Cange and to PIH. PIH is a free clinic in various parts of Haiti that was started by a man named Paul Farmer back in the 70’s. This is an important relationship to the Peligre school and orphanage that has been damaged for reasons that would be too much to try to explain. One thing for sure though, most of our professional (doctors, nurses etc.) folks we bring up here want to work through them for the good of the children.

So Deborah, Aiyana and I had a nice meeting and was able to gather some good info that may help to begin bridging the gap. We were given a tour of the compound. We were shown the school, hospital,and training centers. We were shown the production facility where PIH makes a protein supplement from their farmed peanuts to be given out to severe starvation cases.Over all we were very impressed with PIH.

From there we went back to the Plaza hotel in Mirebalais where we were able to send our emails and eat one of the worst sandwiches made by mankind. The Lord was truly watching over us because no one got sick.

After leaving Mirebalais we went to God’s Planet Guest House in Croix de Bouquet where we dropped our chum off and Harry picked us up in a Tap-Tap. We took Deborah and Aiyana to Harry’s property and church. I was happy that they were able to see what Harry has going on in his world. We met Harry’s wife Nadesh and his daughter Djina for a meal at a restaurant by the airport, then headed back to the guest house. Deborah and Aiyana’s flight back to the states on Wednesday was canceled, so they will be staying one more day in hopes that Thursday they will be able to leave. Although I know they are ready to get home for various reasons, I will enjoy their company for one more day. We are not sure what tomorrow will bring, but we will fill it with whatever opportunities come our way. Praise God for whom all blessings flow.