Haiti, January 13, 2012

It’s crazy the paths we take. GMSM has been blessed with some frequent flyer miles and the way they took me was Haiti via NYC, NY. The very cool thing was I got to spend time and the night with my dear friends Ava and Jeremy. They are not only tight friends but they also happen to be the first couple I married.. We took a tour of Manhattan at nighttime and I got to see the glitz and glamour of a world I’ve no clue of. I can see why so many people are there. I felt like I could be sucked right in and not even know it. I will say I thought it to be kinda’ cool. Jeremy produces and mixes music in a studio that has had some very famous bands cut tracks at. The Stones for one. Ava works at a vets office and loves on animals all day. What more can you ask for out of the city that never sleeps. They even named it twice.

So now I sit on a plane headed toward another city that will be far from glitz and glamour.  Instead it will have heat, dust and incredible need. Haiti is also a place that will suck you in and you better be ready for it. I have come to know many clues of what awaits in Haiti. I don’t always understand but I love this place and its people. As inadequate as I am I know I must keep pushing forward until God changes the path I am on. Trust me I would not be on this path unless it was God driven. I look forward to seeing my friend Harry, the school, the church and all our friends. We will have another busy 8 days here. A much different busy than the NYC busy but a 24 hr a day busy never the less. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.