Back to Haiti, July 25, 2009

Always an adventure when flying with Spirit. “Who?” you say, yep that says it all… el cheapo.

We meet at the Truth office at 3:00 and drove to Pensacola. This is the first time we have flown out of P’Cola and it saved us about $400.00 so that is very cool with me. The savings can go towards another effort in Haiti or Mexico. It is always a drawn out day and we arrived in PAP (Port Au Prince) around 5:00 pm. We made it but the luggage and supplies did not, another first. Can you say flexibility? I sure can, we have no other choice.

All we have is what we got off the plane with. Hope the stuff comes in tomorrow because we fly north on Monday morning. You know what though, what we have with us now is a lot more than most people in Haiti. We are still so blessed even in times when we may think we have it bad. GMSM is here in Haiti with Chuck Martindale, Will Tiller and his daughter Brittany. So cool that a 15 year old would choose to spend some of her summer vacation serving the Lord in a hot, desolate area of the world where most people have forgotten. Is that not what it is all about? Serve and not self serve.

We head to Z’Orange to spend the day in the village and visit pastor Fani before we take off up North. Look forward to seeing our friends in the village; I hope I see John Wesley.