Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I had a great 5 hours of sleep after a cool evening at the church last night. Pretty cool how God seems to know how much we need of things. I guess by most standards about 8 hours would have been more sufficient for what we had been through, but today was a great day.

The blessings God pours out on us seems so unfair at times. It is so beautiful how He uses and allows us to be a part of His perfect plan. We loaded up some of the FMSC food on the truck to take out to the soup kitchen and to the fishing village. Both south of the border around Matamoros.

We had great help loading the food from some of the student missionaries at Christ United Church. Our first stop was the soup kitchen that also doubles as a church that ministers to an incredibly poor community, not only meeting the physical needs but also the spiritual needs of the people in this colonia. This ministry is sponsored by Christ United Church. The churches name is Comedor Unidos en Christo ( soup kitchen United in Christ ). The pastor is a young guy named Jesus. He is about 25 years old. His wifes name is Sol. What cool names, Jesus and Sun. They pastor the church and when food is avalible they cook at the church to provide meals for the needy. There is so much need. They were so stoked to get this food from FMSC. We dropped off 12 boxes. Seven will stay there and 5 boxes will be moved to a work down in Veracruz. We shared scripture and prayed with them. As always we were ministered to more than we deserved. Crazy how that works. Very awesome work these guys are doing.

After leaving our brother and sister we headed about an hour and a half further south and east towards the Gulf to an area called Mezquital. This is a small fishing village that I visited last January with Derel Hatt ,Shaun Ellis, Ray White and Chacho. At that time I knew God would lead us back to this place. I was like O.K. right on Lord tell me when and why. The when was his timing with the food and the why was… the need is obvious.

Although they fish there is many times that the water just does not cooperate. So the needs are huge. There is a small church called Sendero de la Cruz or in gringo Way of the Cross. The pastors name is Abigael and his wifes name is Guadalupe. They migrated from way down south and are more Indian than Mexican. Humble people with a hard life. This little village is called la Mano de Leon or the paw of the lion. They too were excited about getting the food. As we prayed and shared the word with them they thanked us for not forgetting them. Once again we walked away encouraged beyond belief.

We headed back to the border but stopped and chowed down on some killer road side taco stand food. This stuff was great. After eating a sinful amount we proceded to make our way to Christ United Chursh in Los Fresnos. Once back we we packed up and started the 4 hour trek back to Nuevo Laredo. We did not leave till about 10:00 P.M.

I am not sure why we continue to persecute ourselves with sleep deprivation. So we rolled in about 3 A.M. After a shower and some time on the computer I hit the sack. Very cool day. Thank you Lord Jesus.