We All Have a Temporary Home Here

Today was like all other days with little to no exceptions. Praise God for His consistency in this place of confusion. Also praise God for all the beautiful people He has placed around us.

We started out Dale, Chuck and I taking Chuck’s van down to Kirk Goldman’s repair shop out towards the airport. A huge compound with all sorts of stuff going on inside. This is one of the places where coffins have been churned out in masses. Dudes making a killing, no joke intended. As it turns out this company has been working on a house plan to make massive temporary houses for Haiti. We sat down and talked to this guy and had a great conversation and looked at all his plans. Not a bad product and it will meet a need no doubt. The key word I keep hearing from him was temporary. The structures seem to be strong and the design is good. It is all prefab and he says they can be put together in about 4 hours per house. The cost is $1250.00 for a 10×10 with pressure treated framing, OSB siding, metal roof, wood shutter windows and a wood plank door. They are designed to be installed by adding 10×10’s together for bigger structures. Please check out the pictures that I sent.

This is a wealthy entreprenuer who has plenty of capital and they are looking at mass production of these temporary homes and making some cash too. It does give some jobs to the Haitians which in turn stimulates the economy some what. It actually resembles the structure that Craig has designed for GMSM to build in Mexico or where ever God will allow us to build them. I do believe Craig’s design is better. You can upgrade these homes here for another $350.00 and use pressure treated plywood for the siding versus the OSB. Hey at least they are doing something. The name of the Company is Fon Max or Fondation Maxima, fonmax.org.

From there we headed out to Love a Child to pick up old Gabriel the ever reliable beast that is the work horse for this operation. This truck is vital to everything that goes on. Truth would not be true without it. As always it is a nice ride out there and back. I drove Gabriel back as usual and brought it to Dottie’s guest house. Tomorrow we will start gathering supplies to take up to the mountain to drop off in Z’Orange and then we will start gathering food for distribution.

We also sat down with Brother Harry and talked about his land and a house for his family. GMSM was financially able to help secure his property. We are also going to start raising money to build him a home. This is something that God has laid so heavy on my heart. Harry is such a precious man who loves the Lord and shepherds his church in a mighty way. He totally works on faith and he is a warrior for the Lord. I will say now, please pray and ask how you can be a part in getting Harry and his family in a descent home. We will be posting a spot on our web site for raising money to build this home once I get a cost and material list for him. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Tomorrow will be a good day. Bless all and keep praying.