Urgent Prayer and Funding Request

Hello all,
I received this today and talked to Chuck this morning about Pastor Fani’s situation. It does not look very good at this time.You know what this man and his family means to me. I ask you that we help in some way to ease the burden of lack of money.I know that if God is ready to take this Godly man home then so be it. I know that he to will be living the promise of our Lord and Savior. If not I know that the medical facilities can be less than desirable and he is suffering. Please pray now for him and his family and that Divine healing would occur if it is Gods will. Please pray how we may help. Search yourselves and lets together do what we can.
Please pass this on and let me know as soon as you can. Thank you,

Pastor Fanilus as you know had a very bad motorcycle accident at the beginning of the year. He took a hard blow to the head. He hasn’t been himself since but two days ago he could not answer questions and Pastor Harry called me and asked me what they should do. I said take him to the hospital but he said they had no money . I told him to take him and we would take care of it. We need to first pray that the Lord will heal him. I sent $ 100.00 today for the doctors to look at him and they suggest that he go into the hospital they think he has bleeding in the brain. That is all I know. it cost $ 187.50 to admit him and $ 30.00 a day. Also we have medicines and doctors to pay so if the Lord puts it on your heart to help with Pastor Fanilus. Please let me know. I believe we need to do all we can do for this man of God. Please let everyone know that knows Pastor Fanilus so they can be praying God bless you all

Bro. Chuck