Christmas Mission Trip 12/7/13

Oh how I wish I could stay another day and play with my new friends. But for whatever reason I feel I must get back to the place where I want to be the least. God knows and He has answered a prayer. Harry has to get back anyway. So we have another travel day. Over the mountain in reverse. From rags to riches to riches to rags. All is good though. It’s all familiar territory and feelings. Not much will happen today except having to deal with the hustle and bustle of crowded dangerous Port Laogane “bus depot”. Roney awaits us to take us to safe haven. All the way over the mountain all I could think about was the few hours of water time I had with the kids. I do feel like I accomplished a lot with Harry but as I said, time will tell. Once I got back to the guest house Sem had set up his TV so I could watch some real football. This is another first. I was able to watch what ESPN had to offer and keep up with the scores. This was another first for me in Haiti. He told me your part of our family we want you to be happy. He did not know how happy I already was having spent precious water time with the coconut grove crew. Lila prepared grilled fish with veggies. How much more of this can I stand ? Fish on the grill, football, wow this has been an unexpected time down here. To those who are close to the happenings down here will say I deserve it. But I know deep inside that I deserve nothing. I guess this is Hebrews 6:10 at it’s finest. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


From this ...
From this … this, and back again. "Thats Haiti".
…to this, and back again. “Thats Haiti”.