Tin and Tarps – Do You Have a Roof Over Your Head Today?

We are in a tumultuous season with the recent storms, earthquakes, and other tragedies. Please continue to sacrifice and  give to help others in serious need. Realize that there are people within several hundred miles of you who do not have a roof over their head as a result of a hurricane or earthquake.

If you would like to see your gifts make a direct impact on the lives of others, please consider supporting our current missions in Mexico and Haiti.

This week, we return to Cayette, Haiti, to add 20 more roofs that were destroyed almost a year ago in Hurricane Matthew. (Thankfully, Haiti did not get hit by Hurricane Irma.)

We have pastors on the ground in Oaxaca, Mexico. They still need tarps almost 3 weeks after many people lost their homes. These tarps are greatly needed today, and we are sending the resources directly.

We buy all supplies on the ground in Haiti and Mexico (it is more cost-effective than shipping from U.S., and supports the small business communities we serve.) It takes about $500 for each metal roof in Haiti, and only $60 for a large tarp in Mexico.  Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated!

Please share with your friends. You can see your offerings at work right here on this site!