The Rain is Here.

The rain started last night and rained for most of the night. I could only think of all the people in the tents and how they most be dealing with all the water.

As we prepared for the day we had to kind of revamp our plan due to weather. The weather did not affect the Haitians they just did what they had to do. They stood in line, long lines in the rain just waiting for the chance to get some food and water. I am not sure where the food is coming from but at least some is getting to the people.

We went around today and picked up more supplies today for Chucks group coming in next weekend. We also went to Bautima, the lumber store we use, to pick up some paint for the church up on the mountain. GMSM was blessed to be able to help with the paint supplies and I consider it an honor to be a part of Jerusalem II.

We went up towards Petionville to try and find a Digicel (phone store) store and the damage was incredible. All the damage is still just sitting there. I have seen very little effort except for the yellow shirt dudes from USAID. I was told this was a UNICEF effort but talked to someone today that confirmed this was USAID. I stand corrected. They are hiring the Haitians to help with work and they are paying them. Praise God. We will start buying food for distribution to the tent cities tomorrow. Pray that the rain will stop so we can get more food out.