Sunny Day in Haiti

Praise God from whom all blessing flow today was a wonderful day in Haiti. We spent all day buying food supplies for relief and building supplies for up on the mountain. We first went to Baitimet Building Supply to get paint supplies for the Jerusalem II church up on the mountain. What a joy it is for GMSM to be able to help at the church where I have spent a lot of time in fellowship with Pastor and Sister Fani. From there we hit the depots to buy rice, beans, oil, fish, pasta and tomato sauce. We will begin bagging up the food bags and start hitting the tent areas on Monday and Tuesday. We have been running and gunning for days and have been very busy. It will be a sweet thing to minister to the tent cities.

We will go up the mountain tomorrow and I will visit Sister Fani and her son Cado. What a blessing it will be to see one of my favorite families in Haiti. I am in desperate need for some mountain time. I will come to Haiti one day soon and spend the whole time up in Columbeea, the mountain. For now the bulk of the work will be in Port as we do what we can to help get food to people who are desperate beyond measure. It did not rain today and that alone is a major blessing although I know the provinces need rain for their crops. The city surly does not need it.

God knows what he is doing and He knows what His creation needs better than any man. As we were slowed by the rain yesterday He allowed us to make up time by giving us a beautiful day to gather up supplies. Thank you God for allowing me to be a small part in Your huge plan.