September 19, 2017

Ground hog day…… up early again. Went over some requests with the pastor, said our good byes and headed back over the mountains towards Oaxaca. Another long drive. Seems like that’s all I’ve been doing is driving. It was hard leaving our knew friends not knowing what our next move will be but for sure we’re gonna try to get more tarps down there. We are headed to Mitla to have a late lunch with the family that we visited earlier on our way down south. From there on to Oaxaca. As we ere driving through the mountains I was seeing fresh rockslides from the mountains. I figured it was from the daly tremblers that keep occurring. Once we got to Mitla, Avalia the lady of the house we would be eating lunch at meet us with the news that there had been another earthquake. This one seems to have caused some major damage in the city of Puebla. It also did some damage to the Mexico City International Airport. After lunch my focus turned to wether or not I will be able to leave the country. We headed to Oaxaca and got a place to stay and started the phone calls to Delta. With all the craziness, no one can me any info. I’m gonna head to the Oaxaca airport around 5:00 AM and keep my fingers crossed. As far as the tarps go, we left about 50 and the pastor will distribute and assist in installing them. He will send us some pics. Totally good with this. This was a short trip but now I wish we could’ve stayed. I anticipate a quick turnaround trip. We are surly gonna need your financial and prayer support. This is not a good situation. There are sure to be more quakes on the way. Only God knows for sure and He will somehow be glorified through all this. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.